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Ep282: 3 Tips For Your Audio Quality Enhancing – Christopher Smith

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Get inspired to start your show with this episode s guest Christopher Smith who will share how he fell in love with podcasting and doing everything himself and the secret sauce for having excellent audio quality Plus we ll give you highly convenient tools and platforms to help you achieve the best recording experience so don t miss out WHAT TO LISTEN FOR What to expect when you do the editing yourself A great piece of advice when using new podcasting tools Why it s recommended to record in multitrack The importance of inviting the right guests How to improve your audio and recording quality RESOURCES LINKS MENTIONED Google Voice The Levelator on Mac App Store Auphonic Audacity ABOUT CHRISTOPHER SMITH Chris is the creator of The Kris and Kristine Show He started the show in the summer of 2019 with his then-girlfriend Kristine Something fun they could do together Soon after he proposed and they got married in late 2020 The podcast has evolved into a fun talk show with them at the center They share their lives and the struggles they ve encountered as they have now blended their family They have a regular segment of guests that also join the fun They like to keep it fun and light but they do have some serious moments as well Podtastic Audio was launched as a behind the scenes to The Kris and Kristine Show He was getting messages from other podcasters that needed help Usually it was about audio and sound quality Since he was using basic equipment to create our main podcasts it sounded good Why not teach other podcasts how to make a good-sounding show without spending lots of money on gear they don t need He only does this show to help out podcasters CONNECT WITH CHRISTOPHER Podcast The Kris and Kristine Show Podtastic Audio Website The Kris and Kristine Show CONNECT WITH US If you are interested in getting on our show email us at team growyourshow com Thinking about creating and growing your own podcast but not sure where to start Click here and Schedule a call with Adam A Adams Upgrading your podcast equipment or maybe getting your first microphone Get Your Free Equipment Guide We also have free courses for you on everything you need to know about starting a great podcast Check out our first six episodes through the links below Identify Your Avatar – Free Course 1 6 What To Do BEFORE You Launch Your Podcast – Free Course 2 6 How To Launch A TOP Show – Free Course 3 6 Best Marketing And Growth Strategies – Free Course 4 6 How To Monetize Your Podcast – Free Course 5 6 Top 22 Pitfalls On Starting Your Own Podcast – Free Course 6 6 If you want to make money from your podcasts check out this FREE resource we made Our clients use a sponsor sheet and now they are making between 2 000 to 5 000 from sponsorship Subscribe so you don t miss out on great content and if you love the show leave an honest rating and review here Click here to visit this podcast episode