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Ep33: Common Due Diligence Traps To AVOID When Buying Residential Real Estate – Marco Kozlowski

This episode gives an insight into the do s and don ts of buying a residential property The hosts sit down and discuss in great detail about what syndicators need to keep in mind before purchasing property and the possible traps they need to be wary of WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE About what steps buyers need to keep in mind when purchasing property How buyers can estimate income How buyers need to decide whether to rent out or sell the property based on the net income they will earn Detailed example with calculations to further explain how buyers can calculate income and expenses Possible traps and issues that buyers may face along with their solutions RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Rento Meter Wesbite www rentometer com Zillow Website Zillow com Click here for the free quick start course Get Deals By Tuesday Masterclass CONNECT WITH US Email marco marcokozlowski com Website https marcokozlowski com Facebook https www facebook com realmarcokozlowski Instagram https www instagram com marco kozlowski Click here to visit this podcast episode