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Ep35: How To Handle Your Emotions When Negotiating BIG MONEY Real Estate Deals – Marco Kozlowski

It s okay to get emotional but only as a strategy or a tactic In this episode Marco and his colleagues discuss how to remove emotions during dealing when buying or selling property and the potential adverse impacts they may have WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE How being emotional can have adverse effects on dealings How it s normal to be emotional to some extent while still being able to focus on the matter at hand The hosts elaborate on the times they have gotten emotional during deals and how it impacted them and the deal Buyers need to focus only on the numbers and not get overly emotional RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Click here for the free quick start course Get Deals By Tuesday Masterclass CONNECT WITH US Email marco marcokozlowski com Website https marcokozlowski com Facebook https www facebook com realmarcokozlowski Instagram https www instagram com marco kozlowski Click here to visit this podcast episode