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EP36: How Bank Failures Affect Commercial Real Estate

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Just days before the recording of this episode Silicone Valley Bank SVB collapsed Today we ll discuss how this affects venture capital firms and the commercial real estate market nationwide Don apos t miss out and be informed Key takeaways to listen forWhat caused Silicone Valley Bank s failureMassive commercial real estate loans at risk of defaultThe value of raising sufficient capital ahead of timeResources mentioned in this episodeTo learn more about Ridgeline s investment fund email us at rm ridgelineig com today To connect with Randal and learn more about passive investing visit www ridgelineig com and follow our social media pages below Ridgeline Investment Group on LinkedIn https www linkedin com company ridgelineig Agents Building Cashflow on Facebook https www facebook com agentsbuildingcashflowSubscribe to our YouTube channel agentsbuildingcashflowConnect via email randal ridgelineig com