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Ep38: Key Ingredients To Create An Impasse To Build Better Deals – Marco Kozlowski

In buying properties most of the time you ll encounter situations where the seller is unable to lower down prices Hence this is the best time to begin with the negotiation process and create the power of an impasse Tune in to this episode to learn more of its exciting techniques It sounds quite complicated but once you master the art creative strategies come into play to achieve a win-win situation to both parties It also opens limitless opportunities to get into the property The objective is not to get to an agreement but to an impasse to build a better relationship and deals WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE What is an Impasse How important is an impasse What are some key ingredients to create an impasse Determining the reasons why the seller sticks to the selling price Understanding the seller s concerns needs and wants so you can make a creative deal Asking the right questions at the right time to get to the desired conclusion Keeping the channels of open communications RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Click here for the free quick start course Get Deals By Tuesday Masterclass CONNECT WITH US Email marco marcokozlowski com Website https marcokozlowski com Facebook https www facebook com realmarcokozlowski Instagram https www instagram com marco kozlowski Click here to visit this podcast episode