Episode 07 | The Liberals Hate/Branding Terminology

For more info please visit www VoiceBoxMe com Podcast Description Today s segment is where we talk about some of the most popular terms which are used among and by progressives in a manner which is very hypocritical and very often in a detriment to themselves society and the messages they convey nbsp The terms we will be talking about are the following 1 Homophobia2 Xenophobia3 Racism4 Bigotry Support Through Patreon Visit Website Purchase Merch nbsp Take Courses Join Discord nbsp Buy CoffeeBuzzsprout – Let s get your podcast launched Start for FREESkillshare – Learn How To Podcast Sign up for Skillshare and get 2 Months Free Membership and also check out our course on PodcastingDisclaimer This post contains affiliate links If you make a purchase I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you Support the show https www buymeacoffee com voicebox Click here to visit this podcast episode