Episode 101: Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

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This week marks the 100th episode of A Taste of the Past congratulations to our hostess Linda Pelaccio To celebrate her 100th episode Linda is remembering Julia Childs 100th birthday with food writer and author of Julia Child A Life Laura Shapiro Julia was one of the most natural television personalities and her joy for teaching cooking was more than apparent Linda and Laura recall Julias accessibility and her ability to motivate and communicate great cooking methods They also discuss Julia Childs influence on culinary culture in the 1950s and 60s – making good food accessible to all and breaking gender barriers This episode has been brought to you by Edwards She was going straight into the world of very distinguished cooking and she didnt look like anyone on television She was completely unapologetic she made it fun because it was fun for her –Laura Shapiro on A Taste of the Past Her talent was cooking her medium was food but the way she did everything with that food- that was her character –Linda Pelaccio on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode