Episode 108 Herbs A Global History

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What differentiates an herb from a weed And what historical significance do herbs hold Todays episode of A Taste of the Past is a culinary history of herbs Linda Pelaccio is joined by Gary Allen herbalist and author of the recent book Herbs A Global History Tune in to hear the difference between herbs and spices Learn about extinct herbal plants and their ancient uses Hear about the exchange of regional herbs and how it has changed the culinary landscape and the food we eat today Culturally herbs are symbols for for memory love and fidelity How did these associations come to be Find out this and so much more on this weeks A Taste of the Past This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods Technically herbal teas are not teas- they are infusions True tea is only the tea plant camellia sinensis All foods are fusion foods because every time anyone runs into anyone from anywhere they adapt their dishes to new ingredients and new circumstances Rosemary is often associated with memory because its scent lingers for so long — Gary Allen on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode