Episode 118: Thanksgiving’s Roots With Food Historian Sandy Oliver

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Linda Pelaccio begins todays episode of A Taste of the Past by taking a moment to spread the word about Family-to-Family a relief organization that allows a group of people to sponsor a family who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy Thanksgiving has always been accompanied by charitable spirit check out Family-to-Family and get involved with the hurricane relief efforts Today Linda is speaking with food historian Sandy Oliver about the roots of Thanksgiving Sandy is also the author of the book Saltwater Foodways a history of Yankee cooking and New England eating traditions and the recent Maine Home Cooking Tune into this episode to learn about the religious considerations of Thanksgiving and how it came to be a national holiday What foods were most likely on the table during the first harvest feast Sandy and Linda share some dishes that you may not recognize Hear about the history of Thanksgiving commercialism This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press Most of us dont recognize mincemeat for the preserve that it is It is a way of preserving meat along with apples and other kinds of fruits It also was convenience food 14 05 — Sandy Oliver on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode