Episode 127 Chocolate From Pre

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Its Valentines Day and theres no better way to celebrate than by indulging with some luxurious chocolate This week on A Taste of the Past Linda Pelaccio is joined in the studio by Clay Gordon Clay authored the book Discover Chocolate is the moderator of The Chocolate Life and host of HRNs Straight From the Source Learn about the origins of chocolate south of the equator and learn some chocolate terminology How does one define a single origin chocolate bar How did the Industrial Revolution and mechanized production shape the chocolate tastes of the world Hear Clay talk about his recent trip to Peru and explains how different types of cacao beans ferment What distinguishes good chocolate from bad chocolate Tune into this special Valentines Day edition of A Taste of the Past This program has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center The closer you get to more genetic diversity the closer you get to the place of origin 6 10 Every part of the human condition you can connect to chocolate in a meaningful way 20 40 — Clay Gordon on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode