Episode 134 Food Gangsters

Did you know that gangsters controlled nearly all of the food distribution in Depression-era New York City This week on A Taste of the Past Linda Pelaccio invites Andy Coe to talk about racketeering in New York City food history Learn how something as innocent as an egg cream was the cause of major crime Find out what products were controlled by specific gangsters and how the food rackets werent eliminated from the Big Apple until the days of Giuliani Learn about Murder Inc and how competition was dealt with in the 1940s Calling all fans of The Godfather you dont want to miss this installment of A Taste of the Past This program has been sponsored by The Heritage Meat Shop Music has been provided by SNOWMINE Today we have supermarkets and bodegas and the food appears on the shelves and we dont really know where it comes from Back then food distribution was much more spread out 7 45 — Andy Coe on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode