Episode 144 Breakfast History

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Most of us eat breakfast every day but we rarely think of the the origins behind the meal From etymology to cultural history – go deeper behind breakfast on this weeks episode of A Taste of the Past as Linda Pelacchio is joined by author of Breakfast A History Heather Arndt Anderson Hear how the grab-and-go approach for breakfast has maintained over time and why grains have proven to be so important not only in the meal but in human evolution at large Discover the early days of the Kellogg brothers as they searched a product that was easy to chew and ended up revolutionizing the way we eat breakfast From corn to dairy and coffee to cocktails dig deep into breakfast on A Taste of the Past This program was sponsored by S Wallace Edwards and Sons Break music provided courtesy of Cookies Breakfast was always a grab and go meal and thats a trend thats maintained over time 6 00 In the Renaissance egg cookery was a pretty big deal They found hundreds of new ways to cook eggs 21 00 Because of poor water quality in the Middle Ages small beer was the most common beverage during breakfast 24 00 –Heather Arndt Anderson on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode