Episode 152 Halloween History

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Its Halloween on A Taste of the Past at the HRN studios Host Linda Pelaccio welcomes historic gastronomist and blogger Sarah Lohman and together they talk about the history of Halloween trick-or-treating superstitions costumes Halloween cakes and more Learn more about the origins behind the Halloween tradition as Sarah takes us through the history from the very beginning Also tune-in to learn about trick-or-treating and how the custom has changed in recent years Lastly find out how those small treats known as candy corn which Sarah makes at home have become a tradition and even how to make a batch for yourself This program has been sponsored by International Culinary Center The pre-text of this holiday was a night for people to loosen up a little bit 12 00 Halloween is this holiday of pure fun Its about going and having fun whether youre a child or an adult 16 30 — Sarah Lohman on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode