Episode 162: Is Candy Food?

This week on A Taste of the Past is candy food Linda Pelaccio interviews Samira Kawash author of Candy A Century of Panic and Pleasure Samira explains to us how difficult it was to make candy back in the 1800s and how technological innovations allowed the candy industry to boom Later she and Linda discuss societys perception of candy how many other foods and beverages are less healthy yet candy can be an easy scapegoat This program has been sponsored by Many Kitchens Todays music provided by Takstar The tradition in the 19th century was candy was a luxury and it was for special occasions 9 40 I think its easy to look at candy and see it as really the scapegoat of our anxieties around the role of sugar in our diet and the dangers of eating foods that are far away from the farm 17 25 –Samira Kawash on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode