Episode 187: 187

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This week on A Taste of the Past host Linda Pelaccio welcomes one of Greeces foremost cooking authorities Aglaia Kremezi to the show Author of the new book Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts she lives on the island of Kea Greece and also runs a cooking school there Talking to Linda about the meaning of nose to tail vegetarian cooking Aglaia explains that when she was growing up in Greece no aspect of food was wasted Also inspired from her many travels around Greece and the surrounding countries today she uncovers the history and evolution of many nearly forgotten Mediterranean recipes Tune in to hear wonderful highlights from the new recipe book Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts and to learn to make the most with the ingredients around This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center These are recipes that I grew up eating basically 2 24 One of the most expensive ingredients in Greece is wood to burn in the oven because there are no forests and just a few shrubs 10 08 –Aglaia Kremezi on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode