The Dr. Joe Show on the NY City Podcast

Episode 20 – Music Therapy

Originally aired July 11 2019 Today we re with Kathleen Howland to discuss the incredible effects of music on our IMs Kathleen Howland s brief bio For the past 35 years I have worked with a variety of clinical populations using music to enhance speech language cognition and movement in habilitation and rehabilitation settings I have also developed protocols to reduce stress and anxiety for general wellness surgical preparation oncology treatments and child birthing My doctoral studies in music and cognition have informed and supported my interest in bridging the communities of science and art in order to identify best practices In addition to my training in music therapy I am also a Speech Language Pathologist CCC-SLP This certification has advanced the theoretical and clinical foundations from which I work and problem solve I seek to find entry points to abilities nested in disability and be innovative to engineer skill advancement for improved function and quality of life I teach undergraduate and graduate courses at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory in music therapy music education and liberal arts This provides me the opportunity to bring clinical work into the classroom and academic resources to clinical work I lecture locally and internationally about the neurological foundations for music perception and performance and the power of music as a therapeutic intervention Click here to visit this podcast episode