Episode 217 Nordic Cuisine

From smoked arctic char meatball stew and savory puffed pancakes to Swedish almond wreaths cardamom braids and whipped berry pudding tune in as A Taste of the Past goes Nordic with Darra Goldstein Illustrating the glorious and diverse flavors of classic Nordic cooking Darras recipes in the new book Fire Ice have been tailored for home cooks of all abilities As the foremost American authority on this region she offers readers an opportunity to discover the history lore and rich culinary traditions of Denmark Finland Norway and Sweden with deeply personal essays about each country as well as information on the history of foraging the iconic ingredients of the north and regional cooking techniques More than just a usable cookbook Fire Ice is a travelogue and love letter to Scandinavia inviting readers and cooks alike on a guided exploration of this unique region its people and its culture gallery ids 31651 31650 The land really offers up a lot of riches but you have to work for them Its not a climate where the soil is so rich with minerals and fertility that you can stick a seed in the ground and watch it grow 9 17 One of the most classic Scandinavian dishes that is now a high-end food is gravlax but it comes from the Swedish word gravadlax which is simply buried salmon 10 21 –Darra Goldstein on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode