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Episode 28 – Words, Words, Words

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Words have a power but what is it Throughout religion and mythology the world over we are told of the unimaginable forces that can be wielded by the spoken word but is it all overblown poetic license What is the nature of the use and effect of language upon ourselves our lives and the very fabric of our perceived realities In this episode I explore a topic that has fascinated me for decades The way in which our use of language has effects beyond what we anticipate has been a favorite quandary of mine from childhood From the significance-laden usage I experienced in church as a child to breakthrough discussions made in passing as a teen this topic has been a long time developing its legs Where it goes from here is anyone s guess Support the Show Direct Donations via PayPal – thesapientsimian gmail comPatreon page – http www patreon com TheSapientSimianSupport the show