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Episode 33 – I’m An Idiot

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Never meet your heroes But why We as a culture are in love with the idea of exceptions and super-humanity The natural converse of a media that exploits our own shortcomings for profit is the creation of manufactured images of idols be they physical mental or emotional that have seemingly no flaws at all But the reality is people are very much flawed No genius ever avoided moments of simple idiocy No guru moments of awkwardness No wise man moments of folly And yet these things should not detract from the value of their work otherwise Indeed even a foolish person should be allowed the possibility of having moments of great inspiration and bad ideas aspects of some value In this episode we explore the nature of wisdom expertise and the messy process of speculation that leads to improving ideas Along the way I make a point to remind my listeners that I too am not beyond the ability to talk utter nonsense For better And worse Thanks for listening Support the Show Direct Donations via PayPal – thesapientsimian gmail comPatreon page – http www patreon com TheSapientSimianSupport the show