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Episode 40 – I Choose The Cupboard

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How strictly practical does a line of inquiry need to be to have merit Is there value to be had in exploring purely fantastical possibilities There was a time in our lives when this question was easier to answer in the affirmative a time when pretending was its own reward In this week s episode we delve into the depths of my own penchant for over analysis to answer the simple question Which fictional movie prop would you choose to own if you were given the opportunity to select one With the topic so liable to provoke opinions and debates of all sorts this week I put forth my own unique perspective At first underwhelming and unassuming you may be surprised what opportunities can be created with the simplest of things Would you like to hear about it Support the Show Direct Donations via PayPal – thesapientsimian gmail comPatreon page – http www patreon com TheSapientSimianSupport the show