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Episode 82–How To Recover From Narcissistic Abuse With Jeanine Faith

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In this week s episode Billy talks with Jeanine Faith a narcissistic abuse recovery expert and survivor of abuse After going through her own trials with narcissistic abuse and meeting her mentor she went back to school to receive her masters in psychology and has done over 5 years of private mentorship in behaviorism attachment theory and narcissism so she can help her clients heal and reclaim the truth of who they are after narcissistic abuse She is here today to share her story and give listeners a step-by-step journey to healing and reclaiming their lives after narcissistic abuse Billy and Jeanine discuss Her life experiences as a dominatrix and shaman How she became a survivor of narcissistic abuse How she came to better understand narcissism through her human behavior studies How to properly identify a narcissist Her advice to people who are currently in an abusive relationship with a narcissistWant more from Jeanine Faith Check out her Instagram or join her Designed to Love private Facebook groupCheck out the article she mentioned 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence YouIf you liked this episode check out these episodes as well Episode 19–Compassionate Communication for Deeper More Meaningful Relationships with Dr Yvette Erasmus Episode 71–Navigating Trauma Through Resilience with Dr Shree Walker Episode 72–Acts of Service As Self-Care with Dr Lina HajiAll of our episodes are available at www mindfulmidlifecrisis comBook a call with me https calendly com mindfulmidlifecrisisGet a free week of BetterHelp using Billy apos s referral code Thank you for listening to The Mindful Midlife Crisis We hope you enjoy this week s episode If this episode resonates with you please share it with your family and friends Sign up for our newsletter We send out new guided meditations each Sunday Questions Comments Suggestions Topics Email Billy at mindfulmidlifecrisis gmail com Follow us Instagram mindful midlife crisisTwitter mindfulmidlifeFacebook The Mindful Midlife Crisis PodcastLinkedIn Billy LahrPlease leave us a 5-Star Review Doing so helps other people looking for a podcast like ours find it We hope you enjoy this week s episode If you re really feeling gracious you can make a donation to https www buymeacoffee com MMCpodcast Your donations will be used to cover all of our production costs Thank you so much Support the showClick here to visit this podcast episode