Episode 88: Rick Ellis

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This week on A Taste of the Past get ready to dive in to the re-emerging world of table-scaping –ie how to set and visually design a dinner table setting– with host Linda Pelaccio Joined by esteemed guest food stylist and historian Rick Ellis the two delve into rich the history of table setting and food service originating in Europe as well as the research it requires to bring food alive on the silver screen for period pieces Tune into learn about the difference between service a la Francaise and service a la Russe as well as some of Ricks favorite historical source material for food styling This episode is sponsored by Cain Vineyard Service la fran aise is where elaborate tables were set in 2-3 courses all the plates down at once very symmetrical arrangements often the food was cold at that point Keeping food looking beautiful and fresh is our biggest challenge –Rick Ellis on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode