Episode 92: Linsanity & Taiwanese Cuisine

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Its Linsanity on A Taste of the Past Tune in as Linda discusses the cuisine and culture of Taiwan with Jessica Chien and Joanne Liu freelance pastry chefs Learn the differences between China Japan and Taiwan when it comes to food and hear what makes Taiwanese cuisine stand out from the rest From their bountiful produce and livestock options to the creative cultural dishes listeners will come away with a new found knowledge and respect for the food from this Asian-Pacific island This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market What makes Taiwanese food unique is that the country is self sustaining Theres plentiful amounts of agriculture seafood poultry pork and beef In mainland China there are provinces where you can only have one type of vegetable or livestock Its not as bountiful as Taiwan –Freelance Pastry Chef Author and Food Blogger Jessica Chien on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode