Episode 96 Jay Buchsbaum Kosher Wine

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In this episode of A Taste of the Past Linda Pelaccio talks kosher wine with Jay Buchsbaum of the Royal Wine Corp Tune in to hear Linda and Jay define kosher wine the history of wine in Israel the caliber and standards for kosher wine and its place among wine connoisseurs Forget what you know about Manischewitz these are some high-quality wines Listen in as Linda samples three of the wines that Royal Wine Corp distributes This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch Wine is an integral part of every part of Jewish life- Friday nights every celebration etc And the only grapes were available were of the Labrusca variety and they need sugar to make them palatable So thats when the tradition- in fact its a new tradition only 100 years old- of sweet kosher wine started –Jay Buchsbaum on A Taste of the Past The producers invariably want to be judged by the quality of the wine not whether or not its kosher Thats first and foremost –Jay Buchsbaum on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode