Episode 97 The Manioc Route

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What staple food feeds over 500 million people and is gluten-free Answer- the manioc root and its this weeks topic on A Taste of the Past Linda Pelaccio sits down with Teresa Cor o chef owner of O Navegador restaurant and co-founder of Instituto Maniva- a group that promotes the heritage root called manioc She is an active governing member of Slow Food Brazil and has been honored by IACP with a Humanitarian of the Year award Sara B Franklin is also in the studio A writer oral historian and multi-media storyteller Sara is co-writing The Manioc Route cookbook with Teresa Also joining Linda is Margarida Nogueira co-founder of Instituto Maniva with Teresa and founder of Slow Food Brazil Tune in to hear about the upcoming cookbook The Manioc Route and how it combines cooking with history culture and emotion Did you know that the manioc has been in the upper Amazon Valley since 7 000 B C E Or that the manioc is naturally poisonous All these facts and more on this weeks A Taste of the Past Be sure to get more information about the Manioc Route and visit their Kickstarter on Facebook Watch a clip from Seu Ben Vai Pra Italia a film about manioc flour producer Benedito Batista da Silva This program is sponsored by Hearst Ranch Theres so much cultural history around this root and its delicious –Sara B Franklin on A Taste of the Past Food is affection culture and heritage Peruvian people had brought all types- over 2 000 varieties- of potatoes and today in Lima you can find lots of varieties of potatoes and maybe this can be an example of how you can take an underestimated a staple and make it a gourmet food –Teresa Cor o on A Taste of the Past When I discovered the Slow Food Movement on the Internet I fell in love with the philosophy — –Margarida Nogueira on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode