Everyday Awakening

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour there s no guest so it is your turn to join the conversation and be a part of the show Everyday Awakening – You Are More Powerful Then You Know https d38rqs2egh08o4 cloudfront net link click hYOcGcZoJy bkUPx 560e37c38a715774c9df740c2e0ab944 Sam s soon to be published book comes out on November 17th He ll be discussing how the book came about what s in it for you and why it is the perfect time to release it Filled with bite-sized perspectives to shift your awareness Sam will give you a taste of what s inside and let you know about some special gifts https d38rqs2egh08o4 cloudfront net link click hYOcGcZoJy bkUPx f158b399ce88b5d11fa2819a81de25ed available to anyone who feels called to pick up a copy Tune in for this enlightening broadcast and watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here https www facebook com watch v 367062264511876 Show Notes Segment 1 Sam invites YOU his audience to join him as a guest on today s show He dives into the deeper understanding of his quotes of the day and elaborates on statements from his guests tuning in live The importance of being good enough now not later Together Sam discusses with his listeners the positive outcome that can come from being good enough today Segment 2 Sam reminds viewers to check out his new book Everyday Awakening His new book will be filled with new perspectives that can shift your awareness Next Sam introduces a new interview linked under the comment section of his live video The interview was conducted with Kim O Neill and offers enlightening outlooks on new topics Sam rounds back to his book production process and highlights the key ingredients that takes a raw idea into the finished product of a book Segment 3 Sam invites listeners to ask questions about the book publishing process He shares the enjoyment behind collaboration with people who can add more perspectives He also shares how his pure faith brought him to bring his ideas to paper in the midst of chaos during the pandemic he just knew this is something people would need Sifting and sorting through blog posts he was able to combine the highlights of his journey as the conscious consultant A learning process he stayed present with and thoroughly enjoyed Lastly in this segment Sam explains the thought process behind the cover art Segment 4 Sam explains the process of choosing his launch date and the energy he needed to feel before moving forward with an official date He also shares the secret to gaining support which he believes is just showing up for others This quality is what Sam says will lead people to want to reciprocate with support in return He also shares his goal once the book is launched on November 17th and how he believes it has the ability to touch lives around the globe Support this podcast at https redcircle com the-conscious-consultant-hour8505 donationsClick here to visit this podcast episode