Finding Harmony In The Wheel

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour it s a full hour of Sam as he discusses the power of the Medicine Wheel Using the archetypal four directions and four elements we can bring a greater understanding of ourselves and others to the world This week Sam reveals this simple yet powerful construct that has impacted to many lives and is the heart of his transformational work Join Sam live on TalkRadio NYC or on his Facebook Feed as you get to ask your questions directly to start off the month of November Segment 1 Sam warmly greets his listeners before sharing the quotes of the day Sam gives a quick talk about how election day is coming up and makes a personal appeal about Larry Sharpe He talks about giving Larry a chance He shares the quotes from the universe and Abraham Hicks The more we love ourselves the more we love the things around us Sam talks about the different feelings that we have and how we can use it to change ourselves Segment 2 Sam discusses the version of the medicine wheel that he was taught by his Shaman We are mind-centric and we tend to glorify the mind The mind is like fire It can burn things around it We need to give our mind energy but we can t be too stuck in our head We need to give our mind a rest Only water can put out the fire Our heart can be the water If we are too caught up in our mind then we need to reach out Segment 3 Water is life Water can be a good thing It can drip away the negative What happens if we are imbalance with water It can flood We can become too emotional Earth is body our feet is on the ground Do something physical bring more earth into existence Too much of earth and water we get mud Too much earth and fire we dry out Sam talks about how we can be imbalance from the medicine wheel If we have too much earth take time with the air element Do something creative Segment 4 Sam talks about how to find a perfect balance between all four parts of the element wheel Sam talks about how we should try to connect different aspects of the wheel at the appropriate moments We are constantly working in this realm We all need to pay attention to our body Our body tells us so much Our body hold the wounds traumas that we haven t looked at it We are such complex beings Earth is the body Water is the heart Fire is the mind and Air is the spirit Sam closes with a friendly reminder for people to get out and vote on November 6 Click here to visit this podcast episode