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Fixing And Flipping Properties While Being Halfway Around The World

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Welcome back Today s guest is Alicia Jarrett Alicia is an experienced leadership expert helping women in business and real estate educators to increase their performance and inspire growth and accountability using proven rock-solid methods Alicia has been a strong female business owner and entrepreneur for almost 15 years helping leaders of all levels to maximize their performance and increase their potential 00 00 – 06 29 How to do business from anywhere in the world with real estate investing success Alicia Jarrett is a global real estate investor based in Australia who conducts her deals in the US She co-owns multiple businesses including Global Citizens Holding Land Scouts Supercharged Offers and Wilda for women in business 06 29 – 13 01 Remotely Scaling Your Real Estate Business Covid has been one of the worst things in history But one of the good things that have come out of it is that a lot of people have gotten used to working remotely now Even down to our title companies and some of the counties we work with they ve all gotten very sophisticated The miss about scaling is that adding more people just adds more cost To overcome this start doing business remotely by getting on the phone with people from Australia and establishing relationships Once they got the first person in place it became easier to find other partners and do business 13 01 – 19 28 Real Estate Marketing Tips from Supercharged Offers How the real estate market can be unpredictable and how this can lead to more sellers and buyers in a recession Supercharged offers help real estate investors by providing them with a consistent pipeline of deals One of the biggest problems for real estate investors is inconsistency which can lead to deals not being closed or returns not being realized on investments quickly enough 19 29 – 24 09 Closing Segment Reach out to Alicia Links Below Final Words Tweetable Quotes You don t have to do it all yourself If you find the right people to partner with be okay to let go of control of some things as long as those things are done well and spend your time and energy on the stuff that makes you money – Alicia Jarrett —————————————————————————- Connect with Alicia visit their website www superchargedoffers com You may email her at alicia superchargedoffers com or call her team through 888 538-5478 Connect with me Facebook LinkedIn Like subscribe and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts or whatever platform you listen on Thank you for tuning in Email me sam brickeninvestmentgroup com Want to read the full show notes of the episode Check it out below 00 00 00 Alicia Jarrett a lot of people are like well I have to do business in the state that I m in or I know I have to be able to go and see the properties 00 00 05 Alicia Jarrett No you don t You can do business from anywhere in the world We have done deals on ski slopes in France on yachts and Croatia And all the way here from Australia So you do not need to be in the same location as your deals as long as you know what you re doing how to run your due diligence how to have boots on the ground when you need it 00 00 23 Alicia Jarrett And making sure that you ve got the right people on your team Other than that You don t need to be anywhere near your deals as long as the deal stacks up and the numbers stack up You re all good 00 00 43 Sam Wilson Alicia Jarrett is a global real estate investor based in Australia who conducts her deals in the us She co-owns multiple businesses including global citizens holding L Scouts supercharged offers and Wilder for women in business Alicia welcome 00 00 57 Alicia Jarrett to the show Thank you so much Sam Great to be here Pleasure s mind all the way from all the way from the future 00 01 03 Sam Wilson Absolutely Yes you are coming from the future That s funny I hadn t heard that before Yeah I know it s June 29th for you 00 01 09 Alicia Jarrett I would assume it sure is Yeah Yeah June 29th 6 00 AM And tomorrow s looking pretty good for you Sam I can tell you that much 00 01 16 Sam Wilson Great Great What s the stock market doing 00 01 18 Sam Wilson I guess it s not open yet Shoot open to find out where I should place my bets tomorrow Yeah It s only June 28th for me It is a pleasure to have you on the show There are three questions I ask every guest who comes to the show in 90 seconds or less Can you tell me where did you start Where are you now 00 01 32 Sam Wilson And how did you get there 00 01 34 Alicia Jarrett Yep Where did we start We started doing so we are based in Australia as people can probably tell them from my accent We started doing some houses way back in like 20 years ago here in Australia just to get some investment properties up and running But then when we wanted to take that full time we ended up going into the us 00 01 50 Alicia Jarrett We did some fix and flips with houses We then went into vacant land which is now our asset class that we do Where are we now We are now doing multiple vacant land deals per month We ve got a team of three full time customer service people in that business We now have our own real estate marketing business based in the us because 00 02 08 Alicia Jarrett We saw that there was a huge gap in the market of how people know how to do good marketing That s got 14 people in it and we re about to launch a new app called enable letters com So yeah we ve grown a lot in five years Z 00 02 20 Sam Wilson So so say that What was the last business that you re involved in 00 02 23 Alicia Jarrett The last one we re about to launch a new app it s coming watch this space It s called neighbor letters com and we re launching a 00 02 30 Sam Wilson neighbor letters Yep Got it Okay Sorry I m hard Not only am my heart of hearing I m not very bright So forgive me So neighbor 00 02 37 Alicia Jarrett letters is the Aussie accent is a thick one 00 02 40 Sam Wilson it s all good neighbor letters So what is that 00 02 44 Alicia Jarrett So that is an app where a lot of real estate investors when they get a property under contract or they wanna sell that direct to market or they wanna just send out any types of coms to people in an area where they have properties A lot of people send out neighbor letters but the process to do that is very very onerous 00 03 01 Alicia Jarrett You ve gotta go and find out who are your neighbors are and download And cleanse that list and put that into a mail merge and get that sent to a print house And a lot of the times it s small print runs which a lot of print companies won t do So a lot of times people print it themselves and then they have to take it to the post office 00 03 16 Alicia Jarrett We re building a service where you can actually and in like six clicks or less and in about six seconds get your neighbor letters all sent out So we re really big on on data What s the point of enabler letters is when you ve got a property So regardless of what property that is maybe it s vacant land or a house or any other kind of asset class sometimes your best buyers are people that already live in the area 00 03 37 Alicia Jarrett Right They know the area well right The neighbors The people surrounding the property and particularly for info lots as well like a lot of different real estate investors If they ve got an info lot with vacant land the first people they ll reach out to is the people on that street or the people surrounding that house because they know the area better than anyone 00 03 55 Alicia Jarrett And if you can put the right offer in front of them a lot of the time people in the area are like yep I want that 00 04 02 Sam Wilson I Absolutely Yeah I m proved that you re AB the house I m standing in was my neighbor s And I oh there you go I was like and there s my next office Great Okay cool And I would what we call it here in Memphis is securing your borders 00 04 14 Sam Wilson It s yeah it s exactly right Like and I wanna own my whole neighborhood if I could 00 04 20 Alicia Jarrett Yep Correct It s like a monopoly board 00 04 22 Sam Wilson yeah a hundred percent I yeah if I can not control the wrong word but I guess it s probably exactly what I mean So why not just come out and say it but if I can control who living next to me and I get to pick my neighbors by all means 00 04 33 Alicia Jarrett I plan on doing so and someone doesn t build a McMansion right 00 04 36 Alicia Jarrett Next To you that that is an IO Like you get control over that Right So yeah Yeah Maybe s where it s at That s AB you know that s coming We can talk about that on a whole nother podcast 00 04 46 Sam Wilson no right I know I m sorry I got distracted by it It was like oh that s really fascinating Haven t heard of that 00 04 51 Sam Wilson Forgive me The point of our conversation here today is really to find out how you have scaled your companies especially being halfway around the world I mean yep And having a vacant land investing business doing fix and flips I can I ve only done one fix and flip where I never saw the property in person 00 05 09 Sam Wilson Like how in the world did you do that 00 05 12 Alicia Jarrett Yeah Good question I m gonna start before I answer that I m just gonna start by dispelling a myth here if that s okay Sam because we speak to real estate investors all day long in our marketing business And a lot of people are like well I have to do business in the state that I m in or I know I have to be able to go and see the properties 00 05 28 Alicia Jarrett No you don t You can do business from anywhere in the world We have done deals on ski slopes in France on yachts and Croatia And all the way here from Australia So you do not need to be in the same location as your deals as long as you know what you re doing how to run your due diligence how to have boots on the ground when you need it 00 05 46 Alicia Jarrett And making sure that you ve got the right people on your team Other than that You don t need to be anywhere near your deals as long as the deal stacks up and the numbers stack up You re all good So how did we scale I guess where we started Sam if I can go back to the beginning cuz I just mentioned their boots on the ground 00 06 00 Alicia Jarrett So when we first started doing business in the us we spent a fair amount of time in the us Every couple of months we were over there Meeting with realtors title companies going checking out areas getting to know the lay of the land and putting the right people in place to to be able to then step away and have the right people there 00 06 19 Alicia Jarrett So number one get the right people on your team Get the right boots on the ground Once we did that we were then able to do pretty much everything remotely And if there s one thing Sam Unfortunately Covid been one of the worst things in history we ve seen but one of the good things that has come out of it is that a lot of people have gotten used to working remotely now 00 06 38 Alicia Jarrett And even down to our title companies and some of the counties that we work with they ve all gotten very sophisticated Let s say not too sophisticated but they ve all gotten better in kind of doing things without having to be there in person So when we scaled I think the thing 00 06 55 Alicia Jarrett The miss about scaling A lot of people go we gotta scale by adding more people And doing more of the same scaling is not about necessarily adding people to your business Like that just adds more cost scaling really at the end of the day is looking at how do you What s the process in systems 00 07 14 Alicia Jarrett And how do you do business and how do you do more of that without necessarily adding more cost And that s all about efficiency So sometimes I hear people go I wanna scale my business And the first thing that they say Sam is I m gonna go and hire a VA I m like that s not scaling That s just managing people 00 07 31 Alicia Jarrett so it s it s an interesting approach that people think about when they hear the word scale 00 07 36 Sam Wilson You said you came here to the states which I mean God bless you Flying back and forth from Australia is not a short hop But you came back and forth quite a bit in the early days to kind of establish your your industry partners your title companies your lenders and everybody else maybe early on boots on the ground would sound like it would be a challenging piece of the equation or piece of the puzzle 00 07 56 Sam Wilson To solve How did 00 07 57 615audio1805131727 you 00 07 58 Alicia Jarrett overcome that easiest puzzle to solve So we actually started that remotely We just got on the phone to people from Australia and we said Hey we re real estate investors We re gonna be investing first of all in Florida We re looking first of all for realtors to be on our team 00 08 12 Alicia Jarrett So that we ve got some Intel about different areas in Florida And we just got on the phone to different realtors and said this is what we re doing We re planning on coming over Are you the kind of realtor that s interested in working with an investor That s got some interesting strategies we wanna put into play 00 08 28 Alicia Jarrett Most realtors This is going back five years ago I think the story would be different now but most realtors didn t even bother returning our phone calls Ones that did we still do business with today And one in particular has been on our team since day one He his name s Michael Cassidy and he s amazing 00 08 44 Alicia Jarrett And he went out and helped us buy our first few properties and one of the first fix and flips we did we actually went over and did like demo day together Because we wanted to get to know our contracting team and all of that And he s been with us since day one We now JV with him on a number of deals and through that and here s the thing 00 09 00 Alicia Jarrett Once you get the first person in place the easiest question then becomes okay so we re working with you and this is working well Who do you know Who s some title companies that you ve worked with that that you trust Who s some probate attorneys that that you ve worked with that you trust who s some real estate attorneys you ve worked with that you trust 00 09 19 Alicia Jarrett And the list goes on So we got introduced to quite a few people because of that existing relationship And that s the same in pretty much if I think about the multiples now of people that we work with a lot of it s not what it s who you know And are you willing to ask for an introduction 00 09 34 Sam Wilson that s a great point That s a great point And that s you re leveraging their Rolodex I mean it s like yeah Yeah 00 09 40 Alicia Jarrett Who do you and that it s what s good for you is good for them It s kind of that I use the word ecology It s good for you It s good for me And it s good for the greater good 00 09 47 Alicia Jarrett and if we can approach business with that lens that Hey if you help me I ll bring you more deals And that has happened So in our team if I think about our title company our realtors our probate attorneys I ve introduced them now to Hundreds of real estate investors as a result of just me having a network with them 00 10 04 Alicia Jarrett So right What goes around comes around 00 10 06 Sam Wilson Sam that s absolutely right Absolutely Right That s really cool I love hearing that That s possible How did you guys not end up I mean the old phrase that there s a reason like there s the word con and contractor like how did you not end up with a bad contractor along the way or maybe you did like that was that well we did 00 10 24 Alicia Jarrett at our last house 00 10 25 Alicia Jarrett This is why we changed asset classes Our last house that we did it was at that time as well Sam Everybody wanted to get into single family homes and do fix and flips And I m gonna blame HGT for that Everyone wanted to be the next chip and Joanna Gaines and no all good all wonderful 00 10 41 Alicia Jarrett But that was at the time when getting contractors and keeping them was getting really tough because people were just paying through the roof for good resources Yep Finding good off market deals was getting really tough And the last house that we did Our contract team and our head contractor didn t do the right things 00 10 58 Alicia Jarrett And we started to see some cracks forming in in the business And we started to see some cracks forming in our strategy as well And it was like okay now s the time to go time out Let s revisit our strategy Let s look at where this asset class is going Cuz all real estate goes in cycles We know 00 11 14 Alicia Jarrett And let s look at what might be an easier asset class And that s when we started vacant land about four and a half years ago now So we haven t looked back vacant land Don t really need contractors Sam It s so easy right 00 11 26 Sam Wilson Yeah absolutely Absolutely That s that s brilliant I love the transition 00 11 30 Sam Wilson That s about the same time It s funny That s the same time I got out of single family housing as well I was doing tons of fix and flip at that point and it was just like wait there s Competition s increasing margins are getting squeezed Contractors are harder to come by It just it just kept 00 11 45 Alicia Jarrett ING all those things right 00 11 46 Alicia Jarrett Yeah We were the same 00 11 48 Sam Wilson Yeah I said I m I m done really in this and which I by and large I done any single family did this house but that s that again This is my now my market I guess I guess it doesn t really count Tell me about this You guys moved into vacant land I ve had a few people come on and really talk to us about their vacant land investing and kind of what the nuances of vacant land 00 12 08 Sam Wilson That s really cool Do you guys take a different spin On vacant land maybe than what some of I ve talked to some people who come out and they do rural vacant land What do you guys do in the 00 12 18 Alicia Jarrett vacant land space Yep We do it all So I ll never say no to a deal because again if the numbers add up and there s a there s the appropriate exit strategy for that deal we will do it 00 12 26 Alicia Jarrett So we do info lots We do acreage We do rural We do commercial We ll do any kind of vacant land because where there s a seller There s often always a buyer Right And so we don t we haven t really narrowed our strategy down except this year we are we re definitely this year going after a small to medium acreage 00 12 44 Alicia Jarrett That s just on the perimeter of some the cities that that we operate in so that we can subdivide and do some forced appreciation on those as well But we still do lots We still do farmland we do it all And it s a thing I guess we five years ago we started to do business in Florida 00 13 01 Alicia Jarrett Interestingly enough Sam we still stay in Florida We haven t had the need to go out right into other states and do business yet And the reason is because we ve now built up a reputation We ve got a buyer list that is huge We ve got realtors We ve got this network now So if we get a deal 00 13 18 Alicia Jarrett If we wanna do the deal we ve got the right people in place and often we ve got buyers in place and some of our buyers are also builders and developers But if we don t wanna do that deal I ve still got a network that I can pass that contract onto So we really don t We really don t say no too much which makes me think maybe we should be getting a bit more targeted with our deals but where you ve got sellers and buyers the deals be done 00 13 40 Alicia Jarrett Right 00 13 41 Sam Wilson right Right What does vacant land do in a recession 00 13 45 Alicia Jarrett yeah it s interesting And if I think back to after 2008 and what happened there now we weren t obviously doing business in the us at that point but you know you go back in history and every time a recession happens the same kind of cycle still happens 00 13 59 Alicia Jarrett So first of all I think a lot of people hear the word recession freak out a little bit It s like well okay what does this mean Right We don t because It s happened so many times in history It s like the same stuff goes on in a recession More people wanna liquidate So you end up with more people that have their cash tied up in an asset 00 14 17 Alicia Jarrett Maybe that asset is vacant land And all of a sudden they re in a position of I wanna liquidate that get my cash out as soon as I can and put my cash into something else Great That means you ve got more sellers on the market People tend to freak out and go Yeah but no one s gonna buy in a recess 00 14 32 Alicia Jarrett Yeah they do They just tend to buy low So you have a lot of land bankers that will buy in recession times You have a lot of investors that know that markets go in cycles and they ll say I m gonna hold this for five years and then see what happens A lot of builders and developers still wanna make money in that time 00 14 47 Alicia Jarrett So they ll buy and hold and wait for the right opportunity to then build in those areas There s still exit strategies that are there I think the only thing in a recession is you need to adjust where you are doing So if you are buying here and selling here in normal times at a recession that might do this so you re still buying and selling but it might just not be at the same levels as to what you might be 00 15 09 Alicia Jarrett So that doesn t scare us 00 15 11 Sam Wilson right No I love it Absolutely love it Tell me about supercharged offers What is yeah 00 15 16 Alicia Jarrett It s something I m very passionate about So one of the things we recognize Sam early on when we first got into real estate investing we went and did all the courses and went to these education seminars that told us how to do deals in the us 00 15 28 Alicia Jarrett And same thing happens every time they say go and download a list put some mail together send out some direct mail and wait for the phone to ring And we did that but that s what everyone else is doing Right Right That s kind of like the 1 0 1 stuff Right And so my partner Matt and I and we still we we noticed very early on this inconsistency in our business because if we weren t mailing all the time our business started to have gaps in it 00 15 53 Alicia Jarrett And we see this time and time again in every real estate group It s like people have this roller coaster effective Oh we ve got a good month Cuz we did some mailings and we got a bad month cuz nothing s closing And we just thought how do we wanna run our business If we were to really think about running 00 16 07 Alicia Jarrett As a business not just as a hobby So supercharged offers was simply born out of a need for To do our own marketing in the way that we choose And that s making sure that we have a consistent pipeline of deals always happening So supercharged offers it we didn t mean for it to become a business but now we ve got customers in over 12 countries all doing deals in the us more than 80 customers that we re working with and we love it 00 16 31 Alicia Jarrett So we re basically managing the acquisitions marketing for And here s what I wanna come back to Sam A lot of people get into real estate investing cuz they re good at doing deals They re good at speaking to sellers they re good at speaking to buyers and they re good at doing a deal They re not so good at managing data 00 16 47 Alicia Jarrett Building websites doing online ads making sure their direct mail is consistent All of that So supercharge offers does the end to end and I call it the book end So at one end you still need to do your research to tell us which areas you wanna go The other end when the lead comes through to you you still need to close that lead everything in the middle from your branding your logo your website your content your online ads your social media your data your direct mail everything we manage for you 00 17 16 Alicia Jarrett So it s a huge time saver to a lot of real estate investors out there We do all asset classes and everything s very data driven We ve invested really heavily in data in our company Sam and and we know that data drives everyth There s gotta be good data and it s gotta be managed 00 17 29 Sam Wilson well that is really cool 00 17 32 Sam Wilson And that s that is your real estate marketing company is supercharge correct Offered Okay Okay And do you also do that on the commercial real estate 00 17 39 Alicia Jarrett side Yeah we do it for any asset class We ve got people that do self storage mobile home parks vacant land single family homes We can do commercial 00 17 49 Alicia Jarrett We ve got someone that s actually doing airs strips so for people that have their own planes and they ve got air parks that they can go and park to like living on a golf course but there s an airstrip instead So we we as long as there s data we can manage your marketing 00 18 02 Alicia Jarrett That s really and we ve got database for everyth 00 18 05 Sam Wilson Right Yeah absolutely Absolutely Yeah I love the idea of a of an air park That s that s pretty fun why not just taxi out and take off That s good times So tell me what are some common problems I know you said there that people aren t very good at marketing but there has to be there has to be some common problems or common things that people are doing incorrectly or doing poorly that you said look I can just help you solve it now 00 18 27 Sam Wilson And I can do it fast 00 18 28 Alicia Jarrett Yeah Yep One of the biggest things I think is inconsistency You see people they re all trying to build businesses or a lot of them are actually just creating another job for themselves instead of building a business know they wanna leave their current job and start their own company 00 18 42 Alicia Jarrett All of this stuff all these great dreams but inconsistency is the biggest killer Sam And so you see people that get started They ll send out some marketing they ll do a couple of mailings and then they wait for deals to come in and then they ve got some deals So they re spending all their time and energy working those deals 00 18 58 Alicia Jarrett And by the time they turn around and get their return on investment which is often months they then turn back to their pipeline and it s empty And so one of the biggest killers in this business no matter what asset class you re in is inconsistency And I see it every day Every day and it really then just comes back to time and I I often say to to a lot of people in our in our customer base working that that old it s an old say now but are you working on your business or in your business And a lot of them are still working in it They re in the minutiae they re in the detail They re trying to do everything themselves 00 19 30 Alicia Jarrett And it s like you don t have to do it all yourself If you find the right people to partner with be okay to let go of control of some things as long as those things are done well and spend your time and energy on the stuff that makes you money 00 19 43 Sam Wilson right Yeah No I think that s great Especially as you re starting out it s it s one of those things I guess once you get to a certain size you could probably start bringing on team members 00 19 52 Sam Wilson That can then handle that stuff in house but yep If it s one two or maybe even three of you and you re launching it s like oh this is there s a lot of moving pieces here and yeah Yeah that can 00 20 04 Alicia Jarrett be absolutely And if I can add to that Sam like we I did everything in the beginning as did my partner Matt 00 20 09 Alicia Jarrett We were both in there learning it all doing it all And because I have a certain rule in our business that we wanna outsource something Or hire a team member unless we ve done that thing ourselves otherwise how do we know what good looks like Right And how do we then set that person up to train them measure them all of that 00 20 27 Alicia Jarrett So you ve gotta get in there and do it first to begin with but there comes a point in time that you need to let goal of certain things to then create more space to do more deals or add more elements to your business to make it 00 20 38 Sam Wilson Yep Absolutely I m gonna throw this term out there for you 00 20 42 Sam Wilson And then in the last few minutes we have left When I say global resources what does that 00 20 46 Alicia Jarrett mean Yeah global resources for me it means if I can actually just if we could imagine that word global resources I m gonna cross out the word global and just put resources as long as you have the right people in the right jobs doing the right things 00 21 00 Alicia Jarrett It really doesn t matter where they re based We ve got people all over the world We literally have team members in Asia Serbia Bangladesh Australia us Yeah that s across five countries right and as long as we ve got the right people in the right jobs doing the right things as I said it really doesn t matter where they re based 00 21 17 Alicia Jarrett It matters about how you set them up for success and systems and processes These days can allow to do that super easy How you set up your CRM how you manage task flow how you allocate work how you measure results all of that You You can do from your lounge room in your underwear if you want 00 21 36 Alicia Jarrett right you don t have to be in the same place as where your resources are And I we ve got an amazing team and they ve all gotten to know each other really well And it s great They don t have to be in the same place 00 21 47 Sam Wilson Right No that s absolutely fantastic I mean it s one of those things that and it s one of the part of our one of the businesses I m involved in right now is that you need somebody with that gifting though to kind of take all of those 00 21 58 Sam Wilson What did you call it Not resources but take all those processes and procedures And get it implemented And that s one thing in my skill set I don t have that I just don t have it I m not an operator It s like I suck at that And so you gotta find other team members that go I gotta I got a buddy that s joining us that it just geeks out on it 00 22 15 Sam Wilson He s like dude this is I mean he s like man I got charts and spreadsheets And like it s just his thing I m like 00 22 20 Alicia Jarrett yep That s own it That s my partner Matt He s his background is in it transition transformation So he is all Automation systems processes And so we ve really been able to systematize our business right 00 22 32 Alicia Jarrett He now is implementing systems and processes for other people because people see how we are running our business Like my land business I probably work on probably an hour a day Right Because the rest of it is systematized Our team knows what they need to do at every point in time And it s super crazy 00 22 46 Sam Wilson That s fantastic Alicia thank you for taking the time to come on this show today Thank you Sam Absolutely Guess pull back the curtain on your multiple businesses how you guys have grown em the way that you ve partnered up with the right people and got the right seats on the bus showed us that you can buy and invest in even fix and flip real estate from halfway around the world right here in the us 00 23 06 Sam Wilson Absolutely fantastic I love it If our listeners wanna get in touch with you what is the best way to do that 00 23 11 Alicia Jarrett Yeah they can drop me an email direct So it s Alicia which is spelled a L I C I a no one ever gets that Right at supercharged offers com They can call my team on 888 538-5478 or just jump onto supercharged offers com and they can download a free ebook that can download a free business growth plan to help them with their business strategy 00 23 34 Alicia Jarrett They can get in touch with me anyway or just look me up on 00 23 37 Sam Wilson Fantastic We ll make sure we include all of those there in the show notes And certainly again appreciate you coming on Thank you Alicia Thanks Sam Click here to visit this podcast episode