Sleepless in Cialis podcast on the NY City Podcast Network

For people in their mid 50’s, listen to THIS podcast

If you are in your 50s and worry about colonoscopies, body odor, your kids growing up into adults, urinal cakes, Sleepless in Cialis is the podcast for you. Warren and Craig talk about their lives now to when they were kids and all the things that happen in between. If you ever wondered about oxygen masks, vasectomies, facial issues, and going to sleep at 4:30 in the rocking chair, these two guys make it easier to handle when you laugh at everything they say, because, well you are the same age and YOU can related.  Already, with just 8 episodes, they have over one million subscribers and they accomplished all that without a website! They are modest. They don’t say one million listeners. They just say “7-figures”. Do the math and you will be impressed.
They asked our podcast network to highlight one of their episodes and we felt with people now getting ColoGuard, the B.O. Kenny, Pepsi And Colonoscopies is perfect for you. We also had a hard time between other episodes between Middle Age Men And Groupon, and Daughters Of The Night, Horacio / Fellatio And Top Travel Picks
Warren and Craig poke fun at anything that comes with old age and funny changes over the years including body parts, memory loss, physical energy, and movie stars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Nothing is off limits. We are still listening to the episodes, but after just two of them, we are already hooked.
We suggest not only listening to this podcast, but also leaving a review on Apple Podcasts which currently has almost 90 reviews at the time of this writing.