Freedom And Presence

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Segment 1 Sam welcomes his guest after 4th of July He then does his quotes of the day His first quote talks about having everything you already need and you already being who you want to be without you knowing it People usually don t see the value and joy in people that they really been looking for there whole life The next quote THE CONTENT OF YOUR VIBRATION EQUALS HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW AND WHETHER YOU RE THINKING ABOUT THE PAST THE PRESENT OR THE FUTURE HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW AS YOU THINK ABOUT THE PAST THE PRESENT OR THE FUTURE IS YOUR LIFE AND IT S A PRECIOUS FABULOUS CREATIVE LIFE THAT YOU ARE NOT WANTING TO SQUANDER IN A PLACE OF RESISTANCE YOUR LIFE IS RIGHT NOW Sam explains how people need to focus on the present and not focus on the past pain and suffering We have the power to do what we want and we have the power of our own choices Segment 2 Sam talks about 4th of July and its independence He introduces his focus topic which is FREEDOM He compares the US claiming there freedom from England He then talks about people who aren t free in many ways One example he uses is Nelson Mandela and how Mandela was free in his heart while being locked up in a cell He then reads a couple comments on Freedom on his facebook live He discusses the choices people have to react in the moments that things happen He promotes people focusing on there freedom of choice in the moment Segment 3 Sam talks about becoming aware of present choices and living in freedom of the present tense Sam shares a story of being scared to go to the doctor because he feared what they will find in him or if he will be sick in some way He talks about the feeling of not doing what we need to do because of our own programming He also refers to a Star Trek episode and exercising freedom towards the end Sam ends this segment with a couple shout-outs Segment 4 We continue our discussion on choices and freedom Sam talks about not needing huge amounts of material possession to be free We dont own the land the land own s us Your possessions own you when you put too much emotion and feeling into it than yourself Our freedom comes from within Click here to visit this podcast episode