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Andrei Amarov, an entrepreneur and founder of Elite French Tutoring, is also an award-winning actor and producer. In 2012, shortly after establishing the company in World, he embarked on a mission to provide world-class private French classes and courses globally. Through online platforms, Elite French Tutoring ensures accessibility from anywhere in the world.

With a passion for entrepreneurship, the French language, and French culture, Andrei combines his business acumen with his linguistic expertise. Under his leadership, Elite French Tutoring has assisted numerous professionals, students, and young learners in enhancing their French language skills. Andrei’s fluency in multiple languages, including English, enables him and the other tutors to effectively guide beginners in understanding French grammar. The company offers immersive private French lessons exclusively conducted in French, providing an optimal language learning experience.

Elite French Tutoring’s clientele spans various backgrounds and includes a Manhattan District Attorney, CEOs, New York Times bestselling authors, Ivy League professors, medical doctors, successful restaurateurs and chefs in New York, as well as representatives from foreign Missions to the United Nations. Moreover, the company has catered to the French language needs of children and young adults in both public and private schools.

Andrei’s vision and dedication have made Elite French Tutoring a trusted provider of language education. The company continues to foster fluency in the French language while instilling an appreciation for French culture among its diverse clientele. Through personalized instruction and a passion for linguistic excellence, Elite French Tutoring remains committed to helping individuals achieve their language learning goals.