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Christopher Ancona is an Engineer, Educator, Author, Tech Entrepreneur and a thought-leader in the Neuroleadership space. He sits on multiple boards as a strategic adviser and has worked, taught, and built businesses all over the world. He has co-authored the book “Psychological SAFETY” with Neuroscientist Dan Radecki, and has been published in the Neuroleadership journal.

His most recent book “The Alignment Quotient” confronts the fact that none of us likes the sense that we are being controlled by the world; that someone or something else is pulling our strings making us little more than a puppet. The Alignment Quotient book and Online course lay out a clear and paradigm shifting path, from science and philosophy through to everyday actions that the reader (or student) can take to be the master of their own destiny.

His Alignment Statement is “I am Passion, Peace, Inspiration, and Curiosity so that I can help myself and others go beyond our barriers to live the lives we love”.

I would love to be a guest on your show and inspire your audience to be their best and live lives they love despite their situation or circumstances.

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I am open to appearing on any podcast that would like to discuss any range of topics from Ontology to Overcoming Adversity to Self-Discovery. The Alignment Quotient is about real life and my personal experience and scientific and philosophical knowledge are quite diverse so we can have a great discussion with almost any english-speaking audience. I have found the topics I discuss tend to resonate with groups between about 25-50 years old. I have a very strange profile as I am unusually versed in some very diverse communities including Entrepreneurship, Christian topics, LGBT, Business Management, and Parenting… And can discuss the Alignment concepts in any of them.

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