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Christopher Smith is a former homeless person, accomplished board-certified practicing physician, and former faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His debut memoir, Homeless to Hopkins, will be published this year. Chris’ second career as an author was inspired by his desire to give hope to those who desperately need it, as he needed it in his youth. Chris grew up in extreme poverty and varying degrees of homelessness throughout his childhood, even sleeping in a car for many months during high school. Despite these challenging circumstances, Chris defied the odds and has reached tremendous heights in adulthood. He graduated summa cum laude in just three years for his undergrad and was inducted into the medical school honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha, for his exemplary work in medical school. Chris was then blessed with the privilege to complete his residency at Johns Hopkins University, where he stayed on as a faculty member in the School of Medicine to publish medical literature.. Chris’ captivating story is a testament to the power of overcoming adversity and achieving incredible success. In addition to Chris’ own accomplishments, five of his ten siblings overcame the same circumstances to earn doctorate degrees. With less than a decade between his homelessness and profound success as a physician, Chris began to share his story as a keynote speaker before ultimately completing Homeless to Hopkins. A labor of love, Chris plans to use the proceeds from book sales to fund a scholarship program for disadvantaged youth. Outside of medicine and writing, Chris’ life experiences have guided him to bungee jump, drive a sled dog team, live in the Yellowstone area, and develop a passion for photography. Chirs is a fan of Coldplay and BTS. He looks forward to seeing where his next journey takes him! Learning More About Christopher L Smith, MD, visit his website and blog at https://christophersmithmdauthor.com/