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Dan Paulson is an accomplished international facilitator, coach, speaker, and author. He combines over 25 years of on-the-ground corporate experience with a deep understanding of current business trends to further the most successful, adaptable, and innovative work environments possible.

Growing up in a small town, Dan developed a strong work ethic and a “get it done” attitude. Inspired by his father’s love for cars, he discovered he shared that passion, especially for FAST performance vehicles. In his professional career, holding key leadership roles for large firms such as Lands’ End and Menards, Dan realized his talent for increasing employee performance; his guidance led to record sales increases and efficiency improvements for these major companies.

He then began to see that the strategy behind racing – a team of people with different roles, working in sync, to help a driver win a race – also allows a business to succeed. Dan applied these high-performance strategies to help business leaders and their companies meet and beat everyday demands. And by taking his holistic performance approach to people, planning, and process, he drove double-digit growth for his clients, even during one of the most difficult economies on record, 2005-2008.

Now, taking a page from those years, Dan uses his custom tools and methodology to build successful teams that are strong enough to face current, unprecedented business challenges. Dan has made it his mission to help business owners evolve their companies to be successful and sustainable while freeing these entrepreneurs to live their ideal life.