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Desirel Calvin Lawrence is an Author and Entrepreneur using his creativity to inspire individuals, and company owners all around the world. He has founded a number of companies, but two of his most interesting companies are VOLTSITE, and Desirel Expression.

In his company VOLTSITE, Desirel uses mathematical deductions through archival history to deduce the most successful names for businesses. Through his calculations and other relevant data he can design the most successful business names for startup companies and business owners, and can modify existing business names to achieve their optimal success. He then takes you from A-Z in setting up your business and making it customer ready. His company gets your incorporation documents, with all the distributable shares, and documents of engagement, your IT infrastructure that comes with state of the art websites, unlimited emails connected to your domain, secure domain hosting on top tier servers, letter heads, logos, business cards, digital card resources and more. His company also sets you up with one of the best CPA firms in the country with materials that make you understand the intricate secrets of Tax laws and how to increase your net worth. His other company Desirel Expression, allows you to touch the core of anyone’s heart with specially crafted words on glass. He does this with a passion and is always moved when people share their stories of how they were moved to tears out of love.

You can visit these two companies at voltsite.com, and desirel.org.

Desirel is the Author of Power of Paradise under the pen name Dave Skye, and Wiz Diary. He is the co-founder of Little Crowns, a non profit organization dedicated to providing the tools of education and environments to educate underprivileged children around the world starting in Africa. (LittleCrowns.org)

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  • Demographics: 21-65 years, Inspiring Business Owners, Career Workers looking to own their time, Individuals who celebrate friends and family, male and female
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  • Geographic: US