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I’m an American writer, poet, and podcaster. I operate two podcasts, The Basement Window and The Free Associate, and I write a literary series on Channillo.com.

The Basement Window is a surrealist fiction show where I tell short stories influenced by shows like The Twilight Zone. The tone varies, with some episodes being quite serious or poetic and others being more satirical, but the point is always to get people riled up about the state of the world. Previous episodes have included a home-made rocket, a wolverine, a grasshopper, a forgotten artifact, and a gruesome talk show.
The Free Associate is more of an essay show, where I talk about media and politics. This show isn’t off the ground yet, so there isn’t really any need to talk about it. If you’re curious, I intend to make content somewhat similar to video essays by creators like Hbomberguy and Big Joel. I especially love cartoons and video games, and am currently working on scripts about Doom Eternal and The Owl House that I will produce in January.
So you see, I’m a creative type, the type that would probably keep writing even if there was no one to read it. I’m hoping to grow my audience and start making money from my work, maybe even enough to quit to my day job. Your podcast could change my life!

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