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Alex (Gina La Piana) and Petri (Johann Urb) rent a luxurious Airbnb by the seaside in an idyllic village to finally come over the loss of their unborn child in a miscarriage – and while the village itself with its locals all hell-bent on producing their own organic food seems like a bit odd, it does so in a nice, hippie sort of way, and it’s the first time Alex and Petri are actually able to relax properly. That is, until Alex suffers from a sick stomach, and while their Airbnb hosts Russel (Robert Miano) and Ingrid (Silvia Spross) send Dr. Gene Rayburn (Timothy Muskatell) over to look after her, they take Petri on a boat trip – where they drug him, then a tentacle growing out of Ingrid’s pregnant belly penetrates Petri’s mouth … and he’s a changed man after, which is only revealed gradually to Alex and her sarcastic best friend Deb (Jackie Bebatin), when Petri at first vehemently defends the slightly odd habits of the locals, then talks about moving here permanently. At Dr. Rayburn’s party that evening, he pretty much ignores Alex and Deb while getting on with the locals a bit too well, especially when they start behaving rather on the bizarre side.

Back home, Alex finds hidden cameras that have been watching her every move in the house, but when Petri returns, he seems to be in a trance, and soon all locals gather – and it becomes more and more clear to Alex that whatever it is they want, she’s in imminent danger

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