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My career as a Personal, Life, and Business Coach for the past 11 years has resulted in many opportunities to work with people as a mentor, to assist them in meeting their life goals. My early career started as an auto mechanic for the 1st 40 years of my life. While it provided me with a way to make a living, I never really received any satisfaction in what I was doing. It was empty. After being laid off in January 2009, for refusing to compromise my ethical values in the world of auto repairs, I began to explore opportunities for a new career, the place where I am today. I initially enrolled in the International Coach Academy, from 2009-2011. This began my early experiences in coaching, followed by the completion of my Certification as a Holistic Alternative Psychology Master in 2016. My new career has led me to work with many people over the past 11 years to educate, motivate, encourage, and inspire people to explore and meet their desires, goals, and direction in their life journeys. I would like to speak at your meeting to share my story to encourage people to realize that change and transformation in their own lives are possible.