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Hey! Im Jake V Preizt CEO of Celestial Acumen Candles. Im an avid Fashion Designer (Showed at NYFW, Ive worked as a clothing designer in the industry for 10+ yrs and started 4 of my own clothing brands with investors), Entrepreneur, Urban Shaman, Healer, Manifester, & Leader in Traditional African Spirituality Sciences. My life Path is to awaken people to Consciousness and I do so in a funny, Vibrant, Relateable way. I love to engage people in topics of Sex talk, Style, Business Growth, E-Commerce DTC Tips, Relationship Advice, Money matters, Astrology, Jokes & Bridging the gap for people who Do Not Understand Spirituality or are looking to go deeper in Life. I have appeared on numerous Large Platforms including Good Moms Bad Choices, Storm Monroe, & MJ Harris network .

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www.celestialacumen.com www.jakevpeak.com @jakevpreizt IG, Twitter, Tiktok & Youtube