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Jeri Quinn is an executive coach, management training facilitator, neuro-science based communication specialist, business strategist, speaker, and author. She has started 5 companies and knows a lot from personal experience about what gets in the way of leaders and teams making progress. She and her team work with Individual leaders, teams and whole companies to create exponential growth. As an author of two books, she focuses on brain optimization, leadership, culture, the customer experience/loyalty and the dynamics of business partnerships. With 40 years’ experience in 40 industries, she’s seen a thing or two. While business is fun and addicting at times, it can always be better when balanced with a little prosecco, moderate amounts of dark chocolate and lots of dancing.

To invite Jeri onto your podcast and to learn more at www.DrivingImprovedResults.com.

  • 570-881-4261,
  • jeri@DrivingImprovedResults.com

Ask Jeri about:

  • Leadership in a time of Covid
  • Remote team building
  • 3C Brain Optimization Sales and Communication Training
  • Founders Leadership Growth Programs- getting past Founder’s syndrome to become an organizational leader
  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Being in a Business Partnership, Forming, Growing, Breaking Up
  • Engaging staff and holding them accountable so they love their own growth
  • Time management and dealing with overwhelm
  • Hiring for cultural fit
  • Work/life balance and establishing boundaries
  • Meeting facilitation and business planning

Please check out Jeri’s books:

The Customer Loyalty Playbook, 12 Game Strategies to Drive Improved Results in Your Business http://customerloyaltyplaybook.com/

The Business Divorce Institute, From Prevention to Finalization https://www.businessdivorceinstitute.com/