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I am the Sales Development Specialist at Spectrum Designs, where my primary focus is to passionately advocate for our cause. As a firm believer in our mission, I am dedicated to spreading awareness about our nonprofit social enterprise. At Spectrum Designs, we have transformed from humble beginnings – two boys with autism printing t-shirts in a shed – into a thriving venture that makes a meaningful impact. My role revolves around narrating our journey, showcasing how we provide inclusive job opportunities to individuals on the Autism Spectrum. The statistics are sobering – 80% of people with disabilities face underemployment or unemployment – which is why Spectrum Designs’ commitment to employing neurodiverse individuals is so vital. I am thrilled that 58% of our team is composed of talented, diverse individuals, adding immeasurable value to our workforce. We specialize in silk screening and embroidery, creative promotional products. Our unique approach offers businesses the opportunity to align their purchases with a noble cause. By choosing Spectrum Designs, our customers not only receive exceptional products but can increase their corporate social responsibility. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all profits circle back into our mission, allowing us to extend our reach and employ even more neurodiverse workers. What inspires me is highlighting the benefits of an integrated workforce. Every interaction is a chance to illuminate the power of inclusion and meaningful work, a message that resonates deeply with me. I am honored to be part of Spectrum Designs, where every success story we create reinforces the importance of our mission.