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Kids don’t need swimming lessons to learn how to swim — They can discover how to swim for themselves without a coach!

Jeff Wood and I have created an entirely new way for kids to learn to swim without ever taking swim lessons – it’s called Swim Discovery™ and you can easily do it at home or your community pool without a coach.

It works much faster than swimming lessons… It’s been so successful that we’re actually in the process of converting our entire swim school over to this new program and ditching swimming lessons altogether.

We’ve been teaching swimming lessons for close to 10 years now, we’ve taught thousands of kids how to swim and I’ve always been bugged by swimming lessons. They’re too expensive, they take too long, most coaches don’t know what they’re doing, and they’re a hassle for parents!

It’s time for something new – Swim Discovery™! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi4l7VTiC78

If you want to try it out – https://swimable.com/product/swimable-kid/ Looking to be interviewed on the following types of podcasts:

  • Mommy podcast
  • Family podcasts
  • Montessori Podcasts (our program is in alignment with Montessori)

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