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I am an architectural photographer. I provide photography for architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, developers, real estate professionals, corporations, and architectural building product manufacturers. I have had my own architectural photography studio for the last 10 years. I am also a registered architect who has worked in architecture in World for the last 30 years. I use my insights into architectural design when photographing buildings and spaces. I work to highlight the best aspects of architectural design to produce high-quality images. Projects that I have photographed over the past several years include a Buddhist funerary temple in Flushing Queens, a Baptist Church in Harlem, a new 2 story building for a non-profit on Long Island Sound in Stamford CT that will teach youth skills in naval and marine sciences, a plastic surgery suite in midtown, a historic cemetery in the cemetery belt straddling Brooklyn and Queens, a high-end residential property in East Hampton, TV movie studio production facilities all over World which include multiple green roofs and solar panel installations, and an apartment using walkable flat glass skylights for a roof terrace in Gramercy Park. I have done photography for The Hospital for Special Surgery, Solar City, BMW, Marine Layer clothing, Greystar Real Estate and Property, and Broadway Stages.