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Marc W. Halpert is a self-described “multi-preneur.” Since leaving the corporate finance world in 2001, Marc has started 3 companies, all of which he still operates. In 2010 he started his third company, connect2collaborate, to spread his LinkedIn and networking evangelism to train and coach others. In all his LinkedIn training and coaching, he offers professionals the opportunity to better explain their brand and positioning on their LinkedIn profile pages: who they really are and why them vs. the competition.

As a LinkedIn trainer, Marc has been recognized as a high-energy speaker at national and regional conferences and instructor to sales/marketing and HR/training departments at large and small professional service firms and businesses. His specialty in customized personal coaching has helped individuals in all walks of life and industries to use LinkedIn to better achieve their professional goals.

For several months he has ranked on the top 5 list for fastest growth in number of followers among global LinkedIn coaches/trainers (#1 in August 2020!). He attributes that to consistently high-quality curated material and original thought leadership he shares on LinkedIn.

Marc has authored numerous articles on innovations using the latest LinkedIn techniques for self-branding in national publications, both in paper and online. He blogs every business day with a LinkedIn Nugget.

  • His book LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Law and Professional Practices (2017, American Bar Association), helps all types of professionals learn to better market themselves using the tools in LinkedIn. He is writing the second edition of this book, due in Spring 2021.
  • His book You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference, (2018, self-[published) is the only book of its kind aimed at the non-profit/NGO/association industries.
  • He released an online e-course LinkedIn for Baby Boomers and Other Encore Career Seekers in 2019 who are resisting retiring and committing to the next step in their careers, using LinkedIn to best capsulize their skills and experience to find that perfect next position.
  • He and Career Coach Mike Mittleman teamed up to co-produce Your First Career Position: The Best In Class Program multiple online courses for recent college grads to integrate crafting resumes, cover letters, a LinkedIn profile, interviewing, and networking, in one complete package, was released in August 2020.