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I didn’t always know I was going to be involved in technology, mostly because it didn’t exist the way it does today (oof, understatement much?). I thought I was going to be a psychologist because I liked thinking about how people thought. Turns out, that translated nicely into thinking about how networks think. I discovered a passion for network technology in the early ’90s through a series of quite fortunate events (ask me about them, I’d be happy to tell you). I followed that passion with a fervor getting my first Microsoft Certified System Engineer designation in 1997 and doors opened up for me (I have a philosophy about this, remind me and I’ll tell you about it).

I worked for some great organizations, including Planned Parenthood HQ, Channel 13 WNET, and Bloomberg. In 1998 I decided I wanted to call the shots and started freelancing. One of my first clients was an World institution, Sol Moscot Eyewear down in the lower east side. I did networks and websites for small businesses as a one-woman shop. In 2002, my husband and I started an IT services business, DataVelocity. We did it all: security, networks, websites, backups, phones, cameras… If it had a plug, we took care of it. (easiest way to explain it when people asked “do you take care of [insert network object here]?) In that time I wore many hats, as an entrepreneur does (you know the feeling, I bet). While my partner handled finances and sales, I did operations and marketing. In time, I found that the technologies we were working with began to stagnate in innovation. While what was happening in marketing, particularly social media marketing, was nothing but innovation, and I love that. (I love change, I think it’s why I love World so much) I started in technology at a time when almost no one had an email address and now almost everyone has cloud-hosted email (emailssss, most people have multiple cloud-hosted email addresses). The evolution was incredible but the underlying technology has not changed much. More importantly, I got into small business technology because I thrived on leveling the playing field.

What was once only available to large enterprises due to cost, was now made available to small businesses, and I was there to help them implement it. And since I had enterprise training, I knew how to do things right. (Oh, the stories I have about how WRONG I have seen things done… Ask me, if you’re curious, some are really good) But, I was starting to get a little bored, if I’m to be honest. Everything I ever needed to learn, I did in the first 4 years, the rest is just a mashup. And trying to convince people that proactivity was worth the investment got to be exhausting. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is still in a constant state of innovation and offers much to learn and master and that’s exciting. And no one needs convincing here; the train has left the station, the internet is not a phase, if you’re not onboard your competitors are. (prove me wrong) Recently we had a change to the needs of our family (I’m an open book, you can ask me about it if you like, my story may help you) and with that came the opportunity to make a change to our business.

We made the decision to close our IT services company and are now embarking on a new venture: ByDigitalMeans.com – A Digital Marketing Company. I will always do what I love (a Gen X thing, I think), ensuring that who I do it for will benefit from my drive and passion. At the moment, I am currently certified in the following areas: Content marketing specialist, customer acquisition, email marketing specialist So, there you have it. A bit about me (and opportunities for even more, if you care for it). Tell me, how can I help you? (doesn’t hurt to ask, if I can’t help, I may know someone who can) Email me with any and all questions. {Original copy here: http://melissaminchala.com/about-me }