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Hi. I’m Mini Mike Lindell. I’m on a mission to teach other kids to stand up to leftists like what I do. I’m here to teach kids to not be afraid to say what you believe, and ways to execute that. I also have ways to teach kids to make an impact in our political world, and not only can adults make an impact in it. There are many ways that the youth can stand up to fellow classmates, and teachers. I’m here to encourage other kids to do the same thing as me. I have many stories about standing up to teachers during the pandemic. Their great so that people can see that just because everyone else in the room is a democrat, dosn’t mean that we have to be silenced. With the proper amount of respect, and dignity, you can show that your beliefs can silence the whole room. For the democratic podcasts, I will debate you with my proper knowledge, and guarantee I will silence you with my data. Don’t be afraid to make me look like a fool, because it is not as easy as it sounds. I have been featured on Apple News, Yahoo’s front page, Salon news, Lindell TV, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stones, and the Washington Post.

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