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I believe that things have occurred in our past to prepare us for today, we just have to make the connection. Ten years ago, my life was drastically different than it is today, I was a bartender, who just a few years prior was laid off as a rock driller due to the financial crisis. I felt lucky to have a job, but not content. I wanted a change and decided to go back to school and get my MBA. After graduation, I moved to New York and applied to be an investment banker. A few weeks after moving, multiple banks laid off thousands of investment bankers. During this downturn, I decided to go back to school to obtain a law degree. I focused on business law, participating in the bankruptcy clinic and consulting. After graduating, I continued to consult small businesses, but like in law, the ones that need the most help, have the least amount of resources. In an effort to help the most amount of people, even those with limited resources, I created The Executive Savant. I have leveraged my education with 20+ years of work experience to help businesses succeed. My approach is different because my path was different. I obtained work experience before my education. This allowed me to learn business and law through the eyes of an employee, not a student.