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Robin is raised in a military family that says that she is from everywhere in the world and is living in Atlanta at present. Growing up all around the world helped shape her experiences for the love of the imperfect, cultural diversity, and meeting new people. Influenced greatly by her mother’s hobbies including, upholstering, sewing, and artistic expression, Robin began working on her interest of all things creative. She also loves fashion, haute cuisine, art museums, plays live music, savours a good drink and a premium cigar. Robin has her MBA degree and over 20+ years of experience in corporate America.

BlueSmokeATL was born due to all these experiences;

Her corporate background in product development and her love for cigars. Robin is a successful entrepreneur behind BlueSmokeATL. BlueSmokeATL (BSA) LLC is mainly an online stage which gives a different assortment of cigar pokers and offers some other awesome things. BlueSmokeATL gives extravagant pokers and nubbers in remarkable and wonderful assortments. They are made in exceptional different stylish designs and colors, having lots of character. These pokers double as nubbers which allows you to enjoy smoking a cigar totally without the dread of burning your lips or your fingers. It’s simple; just stick the end of the cigar poker towards the end of the cigar to utilize it as a nubber. Utilize your cigar poker to improve the draw of cigars that have been rolled firmly. Tenderly slide the poker into the highest point of the cigar to relax the tobacco, improving the general draw of smoke hence extreme joy. With a particularly tremendous assortment accessible, it turns out to be difficult to possess only one poker. So, they don’t limit themselves; they buy several. BlueSmokeATL customers consider their pokers collectables and works of arts.

BlueSmokeATL sells its products nationally to retailers and individuals alike.

Their vision is to recreate your vision into a cigar poker. They concentrate exclusively on every detail combined with the fact that their product comes with a guarantee, alcohol swabs, an exquisite velvet box in blue, 2 end caps and a velvet pouch. BlueSmokeATL’s goal is to assist the cigar community to continue to “Smoke in Style” while providing a quality product and excellent customer service.