Heal Your Inner Wounds With Abby Wynne

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This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Shamanic Psychotherapist Abby Wynne Abby is a Shamanic Psychotherapist working in private practice in Ireland for nearly 10 years She is a leading light in the field of shamanism psychotherapy and energy healing with clients all over the world Abby is a bestselling author for Hay House and Gill Books Her new work Heal Your Inner Wounds will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in April 2019 Abby s powerful core teachings empower you to do your inner work with strength and courage whilst creating a structure and foundation to guide you Segment 1 Sam states the quote of the day from Abraham Hicks and talks about how we need to enjoy our lives and not ignore our needs If there is anything in our world it is because of the energy we carry with us Sam introduces special guest Shamanic Psychotherapist Abby Wynne Abby is a healer psychotherapist and a author of new book Heal Your Inner Wounds Abby and Sam discuss how she became a shaman and psychotherapist Abby talked about being born with an innate sense of magic and going through a learning process and the journey of healing herself Segment 2 Abby continues to discuss learning how to master her emotions and develop techniques to handle many different peoples problems Sam also touched on his own experience on how he became a healer Abby explains what shamanism means to her and what catapulted her into the shaman field Abby also points out that shamanism is something we cannot see and shamanism is her and where she is Segment 3 Abby touches on her heritage and homeland Ireland She discusses her connection with her country and how she did a pilgrimage with the land Abby talks about how your gut instinct is really important and how you should be brave enough to feel what your feeling Abby talks about her book How to Be Well and Heal Your Inner Wounds Abby explains what a session looks like and how she conducts it She stresses being careful of the frequencies you are tuned into and how it affects our bodies Segment 4 As Abby and Sam close the show Abby talks about the importance of embodiment and the clearer that you are the clearer your surroundings will be She said there s a pattern to everything and take a step to look back and give yourself energy and space to heal It s the quality of the presence that you bring that s important Abby describes what her practices are and how important it is to ground yourself daily Sometimes allow yourself to just be and that will allow your creativity to flow Click here to visit this podcast episode