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An Inspirational Podcast For Musicians and Music Lovers! On the New York City Podcast Network Blog Post
Listening to a musician-based podcast is always near and dear to my heart as I am also a musician and songwriter. Cheyenne interviews songwriters on their songwriting process, projects, concerts and more. In each episode, Cheyenne features one or more artist. This podcast is good mostly for musicians to listen to and become subscribers to see how other songwriters write, product, and promote.

Thank You To All The Guests of 2020

I listened all of the Sound Pollution episodes, but since 2021 just started, the episode that grabbed my attention is Episode 15, Thank You To All The Guests of 2020. This episode includes music from some very talented artists. This episode is more like Cheyenne's radio show and features pop, jazz and rock, including the Ghost Hooker's Are You A Cop? Very cool rocking punk rock song that sounds like a modern-day Ramones! Also, check out this episode for the cool bluesy track Another Track by Andy Surber.

A Chat with RMA

Being a recording musician, I also especially liked the episode 13, A Chat With RMA. For everyone who writes music, this is an important episode. That is because RMA is the Rockhouse Music Alliance. All musicians should be a part of an alliance to promote each other. That is as important as being a part of ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or any musician rights associations. In this episode, Cheyenne is in a chat with some of the members speaking about songwriting, performing and more.

Songs & Stories, the Best of Episodes

For stories, listen to episode 9, Songs and Stories: Best Of Episode  Get inspired by Uncle Brent, Kelly Newton and

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